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    Practice Areas

    • Adjustment of Status

    • Immigration Court

    • Immigration Bond

    • Petitions

    • Pardon

    • U Visa/ VAWA

    • Worker Visas

    • Investor Visa

    • Citizenship

    • Appeals

    Our Attorneys

    Important tips for an immigration case

    NEVER go with NOTARIES

    Always consult with an attorney certified in the United States and focused on immigration.

    Make a list

    of all the questions / doubts you have so that you can discuss them with the Attorney, and so he / she can help you to know the legal options available.

    Provide all documents

    that your Attorney requests for the processing of the case.

    Follow the instructions

    and work closely with your attorney.

    Keep communication

    to be aware of any changes in your case.

    Frequent Questions

    How do I know if my case will be accepted by immigration?
    There are many points that must be analyzed before knowing or deciding if your case is viable. A reputable attorney can help you analyze your legal options based on your situation.
    How long will my case last?
    Each case is different and unique. How long the process will take depends a lot on the specific situation of your case.
    Do you accept payment plans?
    Yes, we have payment plans. Our goal is to work hand in hand with our community according to its needs.
    I am not happy with the attorney handling my case. Can I change my attorney?
    There are reasons why you can change your attorney. For example, if the attorney is not answering or returning your calls, if the attorney do not answer your questions or you only speak to assistants and never to the attorney. These are reasons for you to change your attorney and if you have paid more than the attorney earned, you should be reimbursed for the difference in money paid

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