Attorney Julio Montiel-Lopez

External Legal Advisor for Immigration

Attorney Julio Montiel-Lopez

Attorney Montiel-Lopez is admitted to the State Bar of Texas and is licensed to practice law in Nicaragua. With extensive knowledge of immigration and business law, Attorney Montiel-Lopez advises his clients on business and employment immigration processes, including labor certifications, investor visas, treaty trader visas, extraordinary skills visas, executive and administrative visas, and NAFTA professional worker visas.

Attorney Montiel-Lopez has served as an advisor to several Central American corporations: the Central American Bank owned by GE Capital Global Banking, America Insurance Company and The Pellas Group. Throughout his career in corporate law, Attorney Montiel-Lopez’s scope of practice has included civil litigation, contract law, insurance law, real estate law, banking law, and debt collection.

Attorney Montiel-Lopez holds a Master of Laws from the Michigan State University School of Law, a Bachelor of Laws from the Central American University, a Master of Civil Procedure Law from the American University, a Master of Banking and Capital Markets Law, and a Master in International Business. Attorney Montiel-Lopez is also an adjunct professor of law at the American University in Nicaragua.


Immigration 100%
Removal 100%
Criminal 100%
Asylum 100%